How to arrange furniture beautifully and correctly

How to arrange furniture beautifully and correctly

After a renovation or housewarming, a new dilemma arises before the owners - how to arrange the furniture in the apartment so that everything fits, and the overall impression does not create a sense of chaos. It is especially difficult to furnish an empty room from scratch. How to properly place furniture so that it does not interfere, what furnishings should become central, what to focus on, what to consider when choosing - you will find answers to these and other questions about furnishing an apartment in the article.

Basic rules for arranging furniture

Well-thought-out interior design does not look like the furniture was in the room by accident. Even rooms designed in an eclectic style are a single whole, if the composition is properly sustained.

Before you start furnishing the room, determine the focus that emphasizes the style and character of the space. It can be an original wall panel, a designer armchair, a large fluffy carpet, a fireplace, a TV on the entire wall. Once you find the center point, start arranging the space around it.

Another option for arranging furniture harmoniously is to use the symmetry or asymmetry method. With a symmetrical arrangement, choose a central piece of furniture and arrange paired elements around it. For example, in the living room there is a large sofa and two armchairs on the sides with floor lamps or tables with identical vases. In the bedroom on both sides of the bed there are two bedside tables with table lamps.

Asymmetry in the interior looks more interesting. Also on the sides of the central element are pieces of furniture, but different in style. For example, on one side of the bed you can put a cabinet, and on the other side a table. Or place two chairs that are absolutely different from each other in style near the sofa. This layout option is more complicated and is more often used by experienced designers.

But it is not enough just to arrange the furniture beautifully. Do not forget about the main purpose of furniture. If you equip a bedroom, it must have a bed, wardrobe or chest of drawers for linen, bedside tables. For the living room, a sofa, armchairs, small tables, poufs are important. In the dining room, the main focus is on the dining table with comfortable chairs, buffet. Always start choosing furniture with the main elements that the room cannot do without. And individual details can be added when you are done with the main arrangement.

A plan will help you understand how to put furniture in a room. Draw a plan of the room on a graph paper to scale, taking into account doorways, arches, windows. On a separate sheet of paper, draw to scale the outlines of the pieces of furniture that you plan to buy for the room, and play with the placement. So you will immediately notice if the sofa is too large and interferes with the placement of a shelving unit or console table. You will understand if the chair is the right size or if it is better to look for other furniture options.

How to arrange furniture in the living room

It is most difficult to take into account all the nuances when furnishing a spacious living room, especially if it needs to be divided into several zones. At first, it will seem to you that there is enough space, and you can fill the room with furniture. But very quickly you will realize how crowded and uncomfortable it has become to be in the living room, where there is a feeling of lack of air. Try not to litter the room, even a large area, and first select those pieces of furniture that you cannot do without.

For the living room you will need:

  • large sofa for the whole family;
  • armchairs;
  • coffee table;
  • floor lamp;
  • shelf for TV, game console, etc. equipment;

If space allows, you can put a large closet at the end of the living room. To organize the workplace, you will need to allocate a separate corner where you need to put a computer desk with an armchair, a small rack for office equipment and documents.

When you install the main pieces of furniture, start picking up accessories and suitable decor elements . Just try not to overload the space, make sure that there is enough space for passage, and family members do not interfere with each other.

How to arrange furniture in a small bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important places in the house. And the arrangement of furniture should be given special attention. Even in a small bedroom, try to place the bed so that it can be accessed from both sides. Take into account the daylight. If the windows face east, it is better to place the bed in such a way that the first rays of the morning, from which even thick curtains will not protect, do not fall on your face.

A good solution would be to put at least small bedside tables on both sides of the bed, where you can put gadgets, a book, put a glass of water. In a small bedroom, it is better to hang a sconce on the wall instead of table lamps in order to rationally use the space.

If the bedroom does not fit a wardrobe, it can be taken out into the hallway. But try to place a small chest of drawers where you will put underwear, socks, bedding. In a larger room, you can put an armchair with a floor lamp by the window, where it will be comfortable to spend time reading in the evenings.

Now you know how to arrange furniture in a room so that it looks harmonious. And we invite you to buy designer pieces of furniture for interior decoration in the Bespoke Hone Decor online store.


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