General Dishwasher Storage Box Basket Dishwasher

General Dishwasher Storage Box Basket Dishwasher

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Capacity size: 24*14*12
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This general dishwasher storage box basket is designed to keep dishes, utensils, and silverware secure and organized. Featuring a robust construction that supports up to 25 lbs and a contemporary design, this basket is perfect for long-term storage and reliable daily use. The stackable construction allows for easy space saving and organization.

Product information:

Product Name: Universal dishwasher storage box

High quality and brand new

1. A universal tableware replacement tableware basket, which can hold 99% of full-size dishwashers, including Bosch, Beko, indiset, Zanussi, etc.;

2. The partition is easy to clean and has a movable handle, so it can be easily removed from the dishwasher for emptying;

3. Convenient and simple to use;

4. The key component of the dishwasher.

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