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The range table lamps are an invariable attribute of any office or study, as well as the workplace of every schoolchild or student. At the same time, modern models perform both a practical and decorative function, illuminating the desk and decorating the interior of the room. That is why, when choosing a table lamp, they always rely on the goals and objectives that it must solve.


Assortment of The range table lamps

The advantages of modern table lamps are their efficiency, economy, versatility and variety of models. It is customary to divide this lighting equipment into different categories, depending on their purpose, type of lamps, type of fastening, etc.

So, according to the functional purpose, models are distinguished for: 

  • houses (interior and decorative) - used as an additional source of light that complements and decorates the interior;
  • office - provide optimal working conditions at the table, complementing the main light in the room.
There are special requirements for office table lamps. In particular, we are talking about the intensity of light, which should be in the range of 300-500 lux. Such lighting equipment most often has a cone-shaped ceiling, and the material for it is durable plastic and or metal. Usually office lamps have a strict design and discreet coloring. Such characteristics allow the office worker to concentrate on work, demonstrate high productivity and maintain excellent vision. Interior lamps, first of all, are part of the design composition of the room furnishing. They are made from a wide variety of materials, seeking to create a unique and elegant design, as well as to ensure maximum service life. Both considered types of lamps are divided into several groups, depending on the type of their attachment. So, there are models for: 
  • stand - a classic version with a flat stable base, which can be equipped with a rigid, flexible or articulated leg with a shade at the end.
  • clothespin - models fixed on the tabletop with a clip, which does not require additional space, and therefore is ideal for office tables.
  • clamp - lamps with the most reliable mount, which is suitable for placing lighting equipment on a variety of surfaces where additional lighting is needed.
As for the type of light sources, then table lamps are divided into models with:
  • incandescent lamps - high energy consumption with low efficiency;
  • halogen lamps - strong heating and short service life;
  • fluorescent lamps - unnatural light and flickering;
  • LED lamps - affordable price and impressive durability.
Obviously, the best option for both home and office are table lamps with LED light sources. Their radiation is comfortable for the user's eyes, as it is as close as possible to sunlight. In addition, this is a universal lighting technology that consumes a minimum of electricity and demonstrates the longest period of operation.

Lamps for work

When purchasing  table lamps for your workplace, you should consider characteristics such as radiation intensity, light temperature and color rendering index.The optimal solution for students and office workers is lighting with:
  • neutral or cold glow;
  • fastening clamp or clip;
  • flexible leg, adjustable in height;
  • cone-shaped diffuser.
Recommended lamp power:
  • incandescent - 60 W;
  • luminescent - 15 W;
  • LED - 10 W.
Here it must be recalled that in addition to the characteristics of a table lamp, its location on the desktop also plays a critical role. The positioning of lighting equipment depends on the size of the ceiling, the power of the lamp and the height of the person himself. General recommendations indicate the need to place the lamp to the left of the user so that the edge of the ceiling is below the eye level of the seated person.

decorative lamps

As the name implies, interior table lamps also perform decorative functions. Most often, such lighting equipment is used for bedside lighting, creating an intimate atmosphere, lighting for rest and relaxation, as well as an original decorative element of furniture. Such lamps can be found in the bedroom, living room, nursery, hallway and even on the balcony of a modern apartment. They are selected for the design of each particular room, creating accents or complementing the design composition of interior design. This lighting technique should not be excessively bright, as it is designed to create a uniform, diffused and soft light. As for the style of interior table lamps, it can be very different. At the same time, today the models in the style of Loft, Provence, Eco, Ethno, Hi-tech, Scandinavia and, of course, the ageless Classic are in the greatest demand.
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