ZINUS Aidan Sling Accent Chair

ZINUS Aidan Sling Accent Chair

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The ZINUS Aidan Sling Accent Chair is a modern accent chair with a sleek design and lightweight construction. Its unique sling seat and back offers comfort and support, and its four solid wood legs provide superior stability and durability. Add a modern touch to any room with this stylish and sophisticated chair.

Color Oatmeal
Material Alloy Steel
Product dimensions 78D x 78W x 89.3H centimeters
Size 78cm × 78 cm × 69 cm


CONTEMPORARY STYLE FOR ANY ROOM: The ZINUS Aidan Sling Accent Chair boasts a contemporary design that effortlessly enhances the aesthetic of any room. Its oatmeal-colored sling fabric upholstery and sleek metal frame create a modern and stylish look, making it a versatile addition to various interior design styles.

SUPPORT YOUR BEST LOUNGING: Designed with your comfort in mind, this chair features shredded foam cushioning that molds to your body, providing excellent support for optimal lounging. Whether you're sitting back to read a book or relaxing with a cup of tea, the chair offers a comfortable and supportive seating experience.

DURABLY ENGINEERED: The ZINUS Aidan Sling Accent Chair is built to last. With its sturdy metal frame and high-quality materials, it offers long-lasting durability and stability. You can trust that this chair will withstand everyday use and continue to provide reliable support for years to come.

EASY SETUP: Setting up this chair is a breeze. The tool-free assembly allows you to quickly and effortlessly put it together. The chair conveniently arrives in a compact box, making it easy to transport and maneuver through doorways or up stairs. Within minutes, you can have your chair assembled and ready to enjoy.

WORRY-FREE: With the ZINUS Aidan Sling Accent Chair, you can relax without any worries. The durable construction and high-quality materials ensure that this chair is built to withstand daily use. Additionally, ZINUS offers reliable customer support, providing you with peace of mind and assistance should you have any concerns or questions about your purchase. Enjoy your chair with confidence, knowing that it is designed to deliver long-lasting comfort and satisfaction.

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